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Binge Eating Disorder


Yes, You Can Still Eat The

 Foods That You Would Normally

 Binge On.

I’m sure you are wondering the same thing I was when I first tarted Will I ever be able to eat the foods that I normally binge on ever again?

During my binges, I would consume a bag or two… or three… usually more. And thank goodness, the answer is YES. For me, one of my favorite binge foods was chips. (Although any sweets, salty foods, or fast food was also on the top of my list.)There was a time that I feared going out to eat and being served chips at a Mexican restaurant. It seemed like as soon as I put one into my mouth, something would click and I wouldn’t be able to stop eating them until my stomach was about to explode. Armed with this new information, you will finally be in complete control. You’ll soon find that your life will not be controlled by food any more. Instead, you’ll feel better about yourself, be happier, be more confident, and maybe even go down a few clothing sizes!

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